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Best STD Treatment

July 02, 2022 40 people Latest news

A woman who has a sexually transmitted disease (STDs) during pregnancy can affect her baby’s health adversely. An STD may also cause certain complications during delivery. Sexually transmitted diseases are also known as sexually transmitted infections. Not many are aware of STDs and generally, have misconceptions about it. So, find out what are STDs and how they affect during pregnancy. As the name suggests, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are the diseases that spread from one person to another through a sexual act. The sexual act includes vaginal, oral or anal sex with an infected person. Sexually transmitted diseases or infections are fairly common, and many women around the world may contract this infection during pregnancy. However, in the dearth of proper and affordable diagnostic measures, it is more prevalent in developing nations. Contracting sexually transmitted diseases during pregnancy can be life-threatening for your baby. Therefore, it becomes important that you should be aware of the symptoms of this infection to treat it in time. Here are some signs and symptoms that may help you identify if you have contracted an STD during pregnancy.

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