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June 18, 2022 11 people Latest news

Senior Sexologist Dr. P.K Gupta is the best sexologst in delhi. This is the most widely prevalent sexual problem affecting about 21% of sexually active men throughout the world. Ejaculation is the process of throwing out semen from urethral opening in spurts after reaching a certain level of sexual excitement. Excitement builds up gradually as a result of foreplay ,thus leading to a critical level where seminal discharge becomes inevitable. Emission is secretion of seminal fluid with sperms in the prostatic urethra. This is associated with a feeling of inevitability of ejaculation. This is followed by Ejaculation which is characterised by expulsion of seminal fluid from urethra associated with contractions of pelvic and abdominal muscles. This is associated with excessively pleasurable feeling called Orgasm . Pleasure is felt due to release of a chemical called Dopamine in pleasure centres of brain. Pre Mature Ejaculation is present when one consistently ejaculates before being desired by himself or partner, and causes distress to both or either, Urological Research tells that Intra Vaginal Ejaculatory Latency of less than 2 minutes is abnormal and causes poor satisfaction in most couples. In my view, time is not as important if both partners are happy with whatever they get. But is distress is present, it is significant.

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