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Nightfall Treatment

May 07, 2022 24 people Latest news

The Nightfall problem is more of a psychological problem rather than a sexual problem. When a man ejaculates during sleep, without being aware of it, he is said to be suffering from nightfall problems. We also refer to nightfall problems as “wet dreams’ or nocturnal emissions. The reason behind this problem can be too much exposure to sexual content, and low sexual activity during that period. Even women have wet dreams problems. The nocturnal emission is common among youngsters and it slowly fades down with age. Medication, therapies or home remedies can be the treatment for the nightfall problem. If you accidentally ejaculate during sleep, while dreaming about something that is sensuous, then there is nothing to worry about and you should not be looking for any nightfall medicine. But if you are facing a semen leakage problem and it happens often with you, then the best medicine for nightfall problems are certain drugs, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs – a type of antidepressant). Then there are some home remedies that are not scientifically proven but can help in solving nightfall problems. Good pelvic floor exercises and proper food habits can help to cure nocturnal emissions. Having a good aromatic bath and avoiding coffee and tea before sleeping will ensure you have sound sleep.

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