Sexual Problems in Women Check Your Symptoms, Signs, and Treatments

Sexual problems in women are a common problem today. These problems can be categorized into physical and psychological issues. Physical reasons are hormonal imbalances, illness, injury etc. Stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, relationship issues all come under psychological factors. Most females experience sexual problems at some point. For some, it is a few isolated incidents but for others, it is a continuous painful procedure. It has now become possible to get relief from such problems by having proper medications.

  • Hormonal imbalance is the most common reason behind the sexual problem. Physicians usually prescribe medications that help to bring hormones back into the balance.
  • Sometimes sexual dysfunction arises due to illness such as kidney, liver disease, diabetes etc. If these diseases are under control than the severity of the dysfunction decreases itself.
  • Next biggest reason is stress. When a woman is under stress her body is creating hormones to manage with the stress. Reducing or eradicating the stress will often alleviate the problem and a woman can enjoy sex again. This can also be reduced by making changes in lifestyle. Healthier food, regular exercise is a great way to avoid stress.
  • Psychological issues are sometimes very difficult to address. Many women are not aware of the problem they are facing and they don’t even find a way to deal with it.


There are certain treatment options available for women

  • Education – This is by far the best option to get the better understanding of the problem. A woman can overcome her worries and frights about the sexual practices and performances by educating herself about the human anatomy and sexual behaviors.
  • Stimulation Technique – Improving the stimulation by talking about changes in the usual sexual routine may help treat sexual problems.
  • Communication – Communication between the partners is extremely important to avoid such problems. Massages, baths, and romantic outings together should help increase the attachment and communication between the two partners.
  • Minimizing Pain – Some females are afraid of the pain that may be associated with intercourse. Vaginal lubricants are the best option to reduce pain.


Sexual problems in women can be treated as long as their cause is known. If it is a bodily cause, a sexologist doctor in Delhi can give the correct treatment. Women who experience sexual problems due to sensitive factors might find beneficial to undergo some counseling sessions. There are also natural remedies that are used to provide relief from such problems.