Night Fall Check Your Symptoms, Signs, and Treatments

Have you heard about night fall?

Many of us have heard about it, but many of us feel embarrassed to admit it. Nightfall is a condition in which a man gets wet dreams or in other words, a man ejaculates in his dream. In other words, it can be defined as the uncontrolled ejaculation of semen during sleep. It is also known as wet dreams or nocturnal emissions.

The exact reason for night discharge is still unknown. Some people think that night discharges are the direct result of the stimulation caused by dreaming of sexual activity. It is very shameful to many of us and thus do not disclose with anyone.

Nightfall in Men

Nightfall is a very harmless, though unfortunate condition that many men suffer from. In Ayurvedic texts, it is referred to as ‘swapandosha’.
Wet dreams or nightfall is very common among young boys, as it marks the settling in of their sexual comfort, while the body undergoes hormonal changes. Some studies have also been done to find the reason of nightfall and medical experts found that over masturbation is one of the main causes behind nightfall in men. Those who frequently go for the masturbation, there are more chances that they may have nightfall problem. Also, problems in relationships, and leading to divorces and break-ups is also one of the reasons for nightfall in men. Other reasons for nightfall include hormonal imbalance and unfulfilled sexual desires.

Nightfall in Women

Women and females like men also get wet dreams and nightfall. In the case of girls, it is just wetness in the vagina and there could be some trickling down of few drops/sticky fluid to the thighs.

Negative Effects of Night Discharge

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Low sperm count
  • Weak eyesight or vision
  • Insomnia and dizziness
  • Loss of stamina and poor performance in bed
  • Unable to sustain lovemaking for a long time
  • Poor memory issues
  • Psychological problems like isolation, guilt, low confidence, and depression
  • Physical weakness and reduction in energy levels

Nightfall problem in men and women is a sexual problem and must be treated as it can affect your sexual life. Visiting a sexologist in Delhi can help you overcome it.

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