Common facts about Intercourse During Periods.

It’s really uncomfortable, when the body fluids are coming out of your body. Blood coming out of the vagina is particularly unsettling and especially when you’ve planned to have sex with your partner. Most of the women periods take up three to five days each month and I guarantee that most of the women want to have sex during this time.

It is the common concern of the women to have sex or not to have sex during periods. Here in this blog, we are going to sort out this query by sharing some facts with you.

  1. Pregnancy chances are minimal during periods

Yes, you heard right! If you strictly want to avoid pregnancy, then it is advisable to use birth control every time you have sex. However the chances of getting pregnant, during pregnancy are low, but they are not entirely absent, as the sperms can survive in your body for a few days.

  1. Sex during periods cannot cause HIV Infection

Sex during periods can never cause HIV infection unless your partner is infected with the HIV. Unprotected intercourse with an HIV infected person can cause HIV infections during periods, as the transmission is easier during periods.

  1. Sex during periods, relieve menstrual cramps

Having sex during periods is very beneficial, if you want to get rid of menstrual cramps. Some women have experienced a decrease in menstrual pain due to sex. This can be due to some factors like release of chemicals during orgasm.

 These are the common facts of having sex during periods. It’s quite beneficial for the women. If you have any concern related to your sexual life, then you can consult Dr. P.K. Gupta, Sex Specialist Doctor in Delhi. You can fix an appointment with him at his Sexologist Clinic in Delhi and clear your concerns regarding your sexual life.

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